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O fotografie de pe Facebook

Sakiko Yanagisawa a postat azi, 23 aprilie, la ora 17:04, o fotografie

Fuji matsuri
Kameido tenjin 2005

De pe Facebook...

Taro Aizu a publicat în Haiku Workshop, în 23 aprilie 04:05

A middle-aged man
his wife in her wheel-chair,
Takizakura in full bloom.

la Miharu in Fukushima.

Urmărind comentariile, am văzut că Taro Aizu scrisese iniţial tanka:

A middle-aged man
chats with his wife
in her wheelchair,
looking at cherry blossom
in full bloom.

duminică, 8 aprilie 2012

Kyoto Sakura Splendor

La aceasta adresa, e un articol despre splendoarea ciresilor infloriti la Kyoto. Nu am tradus textul, nu-l voi traduce, dar va voi tenta cu cateva fotografii si un minim de explicatii.

Gion Shidare Sakura in Maruyama Park at night

Hanami cherry blossom viewing party at night

Spring Songs and Sounds with Titmouse Calls, Bluebird and Cherry Blossom Tree in HD

Titmouse, pitigoi Bluebird
Cherry blossoms, flori de cires

Songs of Spring: Sakura & Haru ga Kita

Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tokyo

Cherry blossoms are now in full bloom in Tokyo.

The Meteorological Agency announced this on Friday.

The "Somei-yoshino" type of cherry tree is blooming up to one week later than average in western and eastern Japan, due to chilly weather last month.

The blooms arrived in Tokyo last Saturday, 5 days later than usual, and were battered by stormy weather on Tuesday.

The Japan Weather Association forecasts that cherry blossoms will appear next Friday in Fukushima City, northeastern Japan, and on May 5th in the northern city of Sapporo in Hokkaido.

Friday, April 06, 2012 13:52 +0900 (JST)